How Does It Feel To Be Adopted?

Has anyone ever asked you “How Does It Feel To Be Adopted?”



This is a question that is far overdue for most adoptees…

This platform was created for ALL adoptees to share how it’s felt growing up adopted, and living as an adult adoptee in today’s world. This platform is for the WORLD to see how we feel. Some stories will be happier than others, some will be sad but each story is unique in it’s own way. We deserve to be heard. Our feelings matter. We matter.

Submissions to this page will not be censored. The feelings here are real and raw. Some of the adoptees have chosen to remain anonymous, and some of them are public. Regardless of their comfort level in sharing how they feel, every adoptee is welcome to share how it feels to be adopted here.

This site was created as a sister site of page. We feel it’s time to have a place for each adoptee to have a chance to share their feelings, without interruption, without the page disappearing off  the Facebook wall feed. It’s been in thought for along time and we felt it was time to put this dream into action.

ADOPTEES: Please know there is no right or wrong answer on how you feel. You are ALL welcome here. We ask you please keep your sharing in your writing focused on your own thoughts and feelings based on your own journey on how it feels to be adopted. We’ve been told how to feel for far too long.

Please email submissions to:

Please have your submission typed in a word format. Please have it already corrected for typos, and let us know what name you would like to use, (We need a name, even if you create a “Pen Name” as this is the way the entries will be listed) as well as attach a picture if you would like us to include one in your submission. Please include a brief bio of yourself. Doesn’t matter how short or how long you would like your entry to be.

Please share how you felt growing up adopted, how you feel being an adult adoptee and when you found out you were adopted in as much detail as you would like. Please feel free to share your negative and positive views of your adoption experience. Please share how you felt finding your biological family, or how you have felt not knowing who they were or are. Please share how it FEELS not knowing the answers to your history. Please share how it’s felt to find a grave at the end of your search. Share how it feels to not have your OBC or what it was like when you finally received it. What is it like to not know who your siblings are, to not know your medical history.

Today is your day, we are silent no more.  This is your chance to share how it feels to be adopted.



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