How Does It Feel To Be Adopted- Sarah Kellie Livingstone

Sarah Kellie (L) & Her Best Friend


I was born Sarah Lee Tyrell on 3 November 1973.
Birth Mother was 16 and I was given up aged 3 months.. I lived with foster parents til 9 months then my Adoptive parents got me, My Adoption was finalised by the time I was 18 months.
I grew up knowing I was adopted never feeling unwanted or unloved.  My adopted family cared for me and never once made me feel unwanted or unloved.
My Birth brother came looking for me when I was 20, he was 17.. we never have had a sibling bond.. I also have 3 younger sisters, the 2 youngest have same dad us older 3 have nothing to go on.. I have a mans name on my birth files and recently paid £450 for a DNA parentage.
Test  the man named is NOT my birth father our DNA is very similar (could be related) however we only done a parentage test so I would have to pay more while he is now refusing to co-operate..  My Birth Mother and her family fight all the time  they are stuck with the secrets and lies that have engulfed their catholic roots.. BM has mental health issues, has made rape and abuse allegations too.. I don’t feel bad for searching for my roots  I do however not discuss with my adopted family I wouldnt want them to feel  bad.
I work full time running my own  business and have 5 of my own children aged 8-23.
I am now know  as Sarah Kellie Livingstone.
Adult Adoptee

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