How Does It Feel To Be Adopted- Lynne Rachell


BIO: Lynne Rachell is an adoptee who reunited with her birth family in 2004. She enjoys writing about her reunion, and her experiences in finding herself along that journey.  You can find her poetry and musings about adoption, music and food on her blog at


Much Less So

Hello. Tis morning

you invade my thoughts once more

this time, much less so

Each time, I’m startled

by soft rain of tears inside

wounds reopened

violent impact

upon your crash landing

but you never notice

the atmosphere shift

the ozone layers, my heart

depleting more, see

your eyes overcast

you play me as the extra

each interaction

moment of our lives

hostage to bloodlines formed long

ago, egg, sperm, time

five minutes of lust

a lifetime of consequence

stars never aligned

I welcome the ride

reject your disasterous

damaging entry

Implore you to go

Or stay, remain in my dreams

Waiting, for response

an answer that won’t

come easily, or quickly

now, shallow breathing

in slumber you love

me, think of me, but only

give chase til I wake

As the sun rises

sets, by sullen, angry sky

you are swallowed whole

Gone. Tis morning again

you invade my thoughts each time

each time, much less so

Lynne Rachell

Adult Adoptee


2 thoughts on “How Does It Feel To Be Adopted- Lynne Rachell

  1. What an amazing poem that I could totally relate with. I so appreciate my fellow adoptees with artistic outlets for their feelings and their grief.
    I will be keeping this gem to read often. Thank you for sharing it.

    Liked by 2 people

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