How Does It Feel To Be Adopted? – Lawrence Proctor


BIO: Lawrence is an adoptee who wrote this poem for all his fellow adoptees so they know they aren’t alone. He was born and raised in Washington, D.C. He loves animals, cars, music and writing short stories and poems.

For Adoptee’s Everywhere

Complex Identity/ Identity Complex
I must confess
I see you in me but what do you see in yourself?
When no one else is around
I hope you remember the sound
Of your breathing
Remember you and  I are achieving
Success by every breath taken
For our Identity is not as Complex
As our reality
So no matter if we are adoptee’s
When I see you I see me
Even though everyone who is like us
Feels alone and things feel complex
I can always put one thing to rest
That is when I see you breathing your achieving
They, our parents gave us away or tried to bury us
They did not know we were seeds and that we grew for
I am me and you are you.
Lawrence Proctor
Adult Adoptee

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3 thoughts on “How Does It Feel To Be Adopted? – Lawrence Proctor

  1. Blessed and honored to have a friend in Lawrence! His poem hits home for me and I’m positive many of my fellow adoptees can relate. Keep writing my friend! You are extremely gifted in this area! The adoptee community is with you! ♡

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  2. Thank you, Lawrence, your poem is very comforting to this adoptee. Every breath Is a success for us and even though I know I was most definitely not wanted (born before Roe v. Wade), I keep working to find my purpose because we Are seeds that keep growing. as long as we keep breathing. I know there’s a reason we exist, and I think we (I) just have to believe in my passions and keep pursuing them. Reconciling the adopted identity with the bio identity is really enough work for a lifetime but too much, too tedious. I’m setting myself free! Thanks again, keep writing!

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