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Has anyone ever asked you “How Does It Feel To Be Adopted?”

This is a question that is far overdue for most adoptees

This platform was created for ALL adoptees to share how it’s felt growing up adopted, and living as an adult adoptee in the world today. How did you get to this point?

This platform is for the WORLD to see how we feel.  All adoptees have a different story but each story is unique in it’s own way. Submissions to this page will not be censored. The feelings here are real and raw. Some of the adoptees have chosen to remain anonymous, and some of them are public. Regardless of their comfort level in sharing how they feel, every adoptee is welcome to share how it feels to be adopted here.


We deserve to be heard.

Our feelings matter.

We matter.

Pamela A. Karanova

If you are interested in sharing your story, please leave your name, email and a message below. We will be sure to respond with the submission guidelines.


21 thoughts on “Submit Your Story

  1. catully

    this is a lovely idea. It is a question adoptees are always asked, and have usually answered in an ad hoc situation. This is a lovely opportunity to prepare a considered answer. In very many cases, considering the alternative, there are more blessings than not. In very many others there are horror stories. I appreciate having been offered this opportunity to contribute to this anthology. Thank you.

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  2. Rozi

    I feel i have my identity, but people often say that i look a lot like my adad, when i know im the cpy of my Mother! what they are saiyng? crazy…….


  3. Jo Popowick

    My name is Joanne, I was born June 7,1967 in Manhattan NY, for many years I wondered who I was and where did I fit in, who was mine then one day I went to the beach at age 15 and talked to god at sunset. My Grandmother always told me” speak to God when the sun is low, he can hear you better ” so I did and I made a promise to find out who I was and if I had siblings.

    36 year’s later I have discovered I am apart of 11-16 kids all adopted two died a sister in 1951 and my triplet in 1967.

    My Bm is Gloria Mary Schenk she also went by alias names and used the last name Sideratos, he was short and had reddish hair, over weight a bit blue eyes.

    The man she named as my Father isn’t my father DNA proved that but I have no reason really to look for her, I want to find my siblings

    Male 1953 last name is schenk he was adopted by my grandfather and his wife Margaret schenk my grandfather is William Joseph schenk

    Male 1954
    female 1956
    Male sideratos now schenk or whatever Helens schenk went by 1957, my bm’s sister Helen schenk 1927 adopted my brother she lived south somewhere

    female sideratos 6/23/58
    a child born in late 965,early 1966

    My bm lived in the Bronx, NY, Brooklyn Ny, Manhattan Ny

    all adoptions were handled by New York Foundling in Manhattan NY

    contact me at

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  4. Richard Jordan

    Hello. I stumbled across this site via Facebook. My husband and I have been matched and are expecting a little boy in February via adoption. Reading these stories (to be honest) has me a bit scared (in a way I wasn’t before). I know we’ll be great parents. We’re grateful of this blessing and full of love to give. If any adoptee has advice for us dads to be, we would be so appreciative of your thoughts/suggestion/guidance from your perspective. Much gratitude, R&E

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    • Pamela Karanova

      Richard, So glad you found this page and so glad you are reading. I know some of the reads are difficult but there is no one better to learn from than adult adoptees. All the adoption therapists, counselors, and social workers, lawyers, doctors and all will definitely have some great points, and be able to guide you but if they haven’t been adopted themselves they really truly have no idea how it feels. Keep your heart open, and continue to try to learn what it’s like being adopted by reading adoptee stories and even seeking guidance from adult adoptees who are willing to share information. Blessings to you! ❤

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