Adoptee Poetry

This section of our page is dedicated for adoptees near and far to be able to share the poetry they write in relation to being an adoptee.

Sharing feelings is healing.

The only requirement is that you are an adoptee and you wrote the piece. Please submit all work in the comment section by leaving poetry piece and your name.


Admin- Pamela Karanova



5 thoughts on “Adoptee Poetry

  1. Anonymous

    Where Did I Go Wrong

    Where did I go wrong? Sometimes its not fair when I see smiles they feel like cold air

    Where did I go wrong all I did was be born but all I feel is scorn its not that I haven’t felt love but was love given to me before I came to be

    Where did I go wrong I was supposed to be born free but as adoptee struggling with an identity given to me forever in a prison no need for an honorable mention

    Where did I go wrong is often how we shame ourselves cause we feel we have no name and we dont know who to blame

    Where did I go wrong a adoptee’s journey is endless even when we get to our destination we feel like at times like we dont belong and we ask ourselves Where did I go wrong.

    Lawrence E. Proctor Jr.
    Adult Adoptee

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  2. Craig Zinsser Beaufait

    Not being adopted, and still this poem strikes a cord, for some (me) with those whom struggle with finding where they belong.

    In society that conditions us to fall into ruts, not taking up with adventures, and what might be.

    Thank you

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  3. Paige Adams Strickland

    I wrote this piece a couple of years ago.

    Adoptee Rap

    Adoptees through time have had a back seat.

    Unknown relations we wish to meet.

    Society’s said what we feel ain’t that bad.

    They haven’t experienced the emptiness we’ve had.

    Adoptees want our opinions heard,

    and receipt of validation for our word.

    It isn’t about revenge or ingratitude.

    But people at large need a shift in attitude.

    It’s time for laws to modernize and update.

    We’re no longer children, wards of a state.

    We can fight in wars and smoke a cigarette;

    We get tried as adults, and lest we forget,

    If we do our part with responsibility,

    Then why can’t we connect with first family?

    Adopted people don’t always agree,

    but we need to establish greater unity

    among our own awakening community.

    We should celebrate our achievements without jealousy,

    Unite for our causes and work as a team.

    We should care and console, no judgmental disdain

    And avoid competition and comparing our pain.

    If we want acknowledgment, more cred, and more gain

    From inside

    To feel cared for and valued by peers there should be no divide

    The more we bond the less we will hide

    yet be free to appreciate our differing views without shame

    Understanding our counterparts; not placing blame

    For something that happened a long time ago

    Let’s honor and celebrate now, for now is what we all know!

    Paige Adams Strickland
    Adult Adoptee

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  4. Rochelle Hickman

    I wrote this poem for my Birthmother after we met and reunited.

    My Wish

    When I was little
    I would wish upon a star
    I would always wonder
    If you were near or far.

    There were so many questions
    So many things to know
    I’d ponder on the reasons why
    Flowing emotions, would only make me cry

    Answers I wanted
    Only you would know
    Hoping one day you would come along
    I knew that if not I would need to be strong

    As I got older
    Those thoughts faded away
    They werent my top priority
    I lived day to day.

    Its not that I didnt want to know
    Or that I didnt care
    There were other dreams to live
    I could not dwell on what wasn’t fair

    I had a good life
    My mom and dad were great.
    College and kid(s) of my own
    Were other dreams I wanted to create.

    I made those dreams happen
    Everything had come true.
    The only thing missing
    Was being able to find you.

    Older now, still wondering who you were
    I looked up in the sky
    To only see one bright star
    That stopped me and caught my eye.

    I always had a dream
    I knew what I was looking for
    I didn’t want much
    Just a little bit more.

    Making one last wish
    I closed my eyes
    Wanting to know
    About my family ties.

    Now I can say
    That my dream has come true.
    The last to accomplish
    Of finally finding you.

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