Our Manifesto


Is a cautionary tale

Sometimes we fail

Because of the whale of emotions

Thrown at us because of no trust.

Everything we are is a lie

But ours is a silent cry

At times more than often

We wonder why?

The wonder is like hunger

We just wanna be fed

Even if its hard to swallow

The sorrow or pain

We wanna feel whole again.

We are more than missing pieces

We are people

So if you were adopted

You know how this feels.

And to all of the others

This how we feel

We just want to feel real.

So how does it feel to be adopted

Is a question that never ends.

No matter how many answers come

There is one thing true

God Loves You.

For Adoptee’s Everywhere

Lawrence E Proctor Sr

Adult Adoptee

One thought on “Our Manifesto

  1. loren

    I have a relationship with both of my biological parents after 25 years and they love me. my adoptive parents wanted me and were nothing but loving and supportive and wonderful parents. so why does it still hurt?

    Liked by 1 person

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